Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome all!

Hello Good people,
Welcome to StellaB blog.
My first time to enter the bloggers world and am very happy about it and proud too. I hope it's never too late! Mine will be a mixed grill blog, with just anything of interest to me and which I hope most of you will find interesting too. The blog will of course improve by the day.
Enjoy reading!


Good people,
Welcome once again to StellaB blog. Today I would like to share with you my recent findings in an investigation I was doing on environmental pollution caused by textile industries in Dar es Salaam.
I was shocked to see a river in Mabibo, a Dar es Salaam suburb in which one textile mill discharges waste water. That day when I visited the area, the water in the river was blood red! People in the neighbourhood say the colour of the river changes depending on the type of dyes being used in the factory at that particular moment. They say the water sometimes stinks, gets hot sometime which is dangerous for kids, you know how kids like to play play in rivers.
Although the factory officials insisted the water they discharge in the river is treated, one can not trust its safety given that it is the same coloured water used by vegetable farmers with gardens at the river bank to water the vegetables.
How safe is this ptractice? How about the health of the vegetable consumers, that is you and I and others? Infact a big percentage of vegetables we consume here in Dar es Salaam, if not all are watered with dirty water! This is because all rivers in Dar if am not mistaken are dirty (I have never seen one with clean water). Surprisingly, the water in these rivers moves at a snail's pace.